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There is something special about biographies and autobiographies. They lie at the core of story telling and learning.

It's people that enrich our lives and shape our world so it's logical that the stories that gives us insights into how people develop their perspectives on life serve a critical role in society. Its importance has not gone amiss through human civilisation from Ancient Greece to Ancient China, developing a written and oratory tradition of learning about the lives of great people to gain insight into themselves and derive motivation to improve. is an expression of my dedication to the genre and more importantly my fascination with a variety of people that I believe have made a difference. This was an undertaking that started 10 years ago but has only started to be realised in an online and publicly available format this year. Please be patient as uploading my biographies is proving more labour intensive than originally anticipated.

I hope you enjoy these individually written short biographies and in some way renew/spark interest in understanding the human condition. I have included a variety fo reading and other resource links should your interest continue beyond this website as I believe no single resource can do justice to the richness of the personalities that have shaped history.

Thank you again for taking the time to view my web site. Please contact me with any feedback or suggestions otherwise please browse through the biographies currently available or using the search function at the top of every page.