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Full Name: Ms. Anneliese Marie Frank
Date of Birth: June 12, 1929
Place of Birth: Frankfurt, Germany
Died: March, 1945
Place of Death: Bergen-Belsen, Germany
Classification: Heroes & Icons


Short Biography of Anne Frank

No one could have ever guessed that a red diary given to Anne Frank on her thirteenth birthday would result in one of the most widely-published, widely-read accounts about the Holocaust ever published. The Diary of Anne Frank went on to be acted out in theater, dramatized on film, and sang in opera. It would be one of most heart-felt, real accounts of any person who went through such atrocity under the Nazi Regime – and it all came from the innocent, yet maturing heart of a teenager.

Born in Germany to reformed Jewish parents, Anne Frank had one sister named Margot. She had Catholic friends and attended schools that promoted her literary education. At a young age, Anne knew she wanted to be a published author. Her father encouraged her to read the books in his expansive collection. Little did she know that her ambitions would someday be posthumously fulfilled in an account that not only discusses what was happening outside, in war-torn Europe, but also what was happening internally with the conflicts and hardships of living hidden, in closed-in quarters with several other people for two years.

After moving from Germany to the Netherlands, Otto Frank, Anne’s father, had started a small company and was doing well in Northern Europe. No one thought the German occupation would reach as far north as it did. However, within a couple years, the family received word that they were to report to the Immigration Office in order to be sent to work camps. Otto Frank had been making a back-up plan over the last several months. He and his family would fake an escape to Switzerland but actually remain in hiding in Otto Frank’s three-room apartment, hidden in the attic of his office.

When an unknown informant tipped off the Nazis that two Jewish families were in hiding, they were discovered and taken to Gestapo Headquarters. Following, they were separated by sex, and sent to work camps. Anne Frank was almost sent to a gas chamber, but she had just turned fifteen years old and was spared. Anne and her sister Margot both became ill and died in March of 1945, just a few weeks shy of the camp being liberated by British forces.

Otto Frank was the only member of the family to survive. He returned to the small apartment in the Netherlands to find Anne Frank’s Diary. Even though he and Anne shared a special bond, he had no idea Anne had been recording what her family and the world were going through. Upon his daughter’s wishes to be a published author, Otto was eventually able to have Anne Frank’s diary published. Following, it was translated into several languages and has been a part of required reading for school curriculum for decades – reminding teenagers today how real, savage, and hard it was to live in a time not so far away. 

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