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Full Name: Mr. James Douglas Morrison
Date of Birth: December 8, 1943
Place of Birth: Melbourne, Florida, USA
Died: July 3, 1971
Place of Death: Paris, France
Classification: Artists & Entertainers


Short Biography of Jim Morrison

Known for his poetic lyrics and on-stage in-your-face charisma, Jim Morrison would lead his band, the Doors to instant fame. The 1960s welcomed and adored those who fought against the established norm, and Jim Morrison became an overnight icon of what it was to be young and free. His career was short-lived, however, due to his hard lifestyle and feelings of invincibility that often come with hero status.

Young Jim was raised in a military household that often moved from state to state. Although he was born in Florida, Morrison’s family would later settle in Virginia. While there, he graduated high school and began taking classes at Florida State University. But, the his classes did not offer a well-rounded program in film, which is what Jim Morrison longed to study. So, he headed to California where the people of Hollywood lived, breathed, and dream of making it in the industry. After meeting another UCLA student named Ray Manzarek, Morrison’s life would change forever. The two later learned that they could form an amazing musical combo.

Soon after their meeting, they formed the Doors, a name they derived from a William Blake poem. His lyrics would also involve Native Americans and he would thereafter be nicknamed “the electric shaman”. His girlfriend, Pamela Courson, also inspired him and his poetic muse to write some of his most powerful songs, including “Come on Baby, Light my Fire”.

After being noticed by a variety of talent scouts, the band eventually signed with Columbia Records, but later revamped with Elektra records so they could have more control over their music. With Elektra, the band released their debut album and then continued to release Strange Days, followed each year by Waiting for the Sun, Morrison Hotel, The Soft Parade, and Absolutely Live. By this time, Morrison was even more focused on the western American landscape and Native American culture, and dubbed himself The Lizard King in reference to its lore. With all the popularity, the band nearly split because of friction between their new lifestyle and their hopes of garnishing even more fanfare and future recordings. Morrison developed a severe addiction to alcohol and had more than one run in with police officers. His growing anarchical attitude would put him in the headlines, but also caused him to move further away from those who were an integral part of his success. While Jim Morrison never released his own authorized autobiography, he did release a book of poetry called The Lords and The New Creatures, first printed in 1970. At the young age of 28, he was found dead by his girlfriend in their bathtub. The cause of death was never fully or properly investigated.

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